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Riding Into the Future

Brand Identity for Royal Enfield

Riding Into the Future

Brand Identity for Royal Enfield

Onwards, Together

Brand Identity System for PhonePe

Onwards, Together

Brand Identity System for PhonePe

Room to Play, by Design

Brand Identity for Smartsters

A Superfresh Refresh

Positioning & Identity Refresh for Bira 91 White

Moving Today

Brand Identity for Euler

For the Love of Meat

Brand Identity for Licious

Confidence in Action

Brand Identity for Dixcy Scott

A Mosaic of Inspired Choices

Brand Positioning & Identity for StayVista

Lead to Launch

Brand Identity for LEAD

The Gold Rush

Product Positioning & Identity for Bira 91 Gold

Spirit of the Times

Positioning, Naming & Packaging Design for Good Man by Bacardi

Her Symbol of Hope

Brand Identity for Sitara, Housing Micro-finance for Women

Fresh Fashion, Everyday

Brand Identity for LimeRoad

Intelligence at Work

Brand Identity for ET Money

Kickstart Uni Life

Brand Identity for Unilodgers

The Voice of a Festival

Identity for Serendipity Arts Festival 2019

A New Celebration of Style

Branding & Identity for TASVA (Tarun Tahiliani x ABFRL)

Superhero Dads

Campaign Identity for Sesame Workshop

Smarter by Design

Brand Identity for Payroll Management Product

Scripting a New Way of Living

Branding & Identity for Script by Godrej

Designed to Move

Brand identity system for Tata Motors

A New Imagination of the Outdoors

Brand Identity for Wildcraft

Find Yours

Branding & Identity for DailyObjects

Comfort, Refreshed

Brand Language Design for Sleepwell

Design for, Design with

Brand Identity for Dekorate app

A Moment of Respite

Brand Mark for O2 Spa

A New Face

Brand Mark for Luxor Writing Instruments

Many is More

Identity Design for #k GERmany campaign

Building Trust

Brand Identity for Global Mega Ventures

One Campaign, Two Faces

Identity for Campaign on Sexual Harassment

Crafting a Story of Growth

Brand Identity and Communication for Jacob Ballas Capital

The ABC of Business

Brand Identity for Apeejay Business Centre

‘Performance’ Driven

Brand Identity for Zorba

Voicing a Sensibility

Brand Identity for Lines+

Taking Flight

Brand Identity for Chimes Aviation Academy

Making Sanitation Fun

Brand Identity & Communication for Nirmal Bharat Yatra

Raising the Volume

Identity for Breakthrough's Bell Bajao Campaign


Identity for Youth Club on Gender Sensitization

Sporting Spirit

Brand Identity for Sports for Life

Bringing Clarity to Glass

Identity Design, Print Communication & Environmental Communication Design for Glasxperts

Icons for Advocacy

Icons for development campaigns by UN in India

A Walk Through History

Brand Communication & Installation Design for Levi's Heritage Store

Building a Brand Inside-Out

Brand Identity & Packaging for Nyoli

Rapid Prototyping

Brand Identity & User Interface for Zip Phone

Precision in Order

Brand Identity for Kalabhai Karson

Weaving Stories

Identity & Graphics for Exhibition on Textile Traditions of North-East India

Inspiring Environments for Business

Brand Identity and Environment for Incube Business Center

Do More, Everyday

Brand Identity for Enigma's Chain of Fitness Centres

To Infinity and Beyond

Tagline & Logo Design for German Year in India 2011–12

Hope in the Hills

Brand Identity for Kilmora

Symbiotic Business

Brand Mark for Luxor Business to Business

Timeless Treasures

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for La Boutique

The (He)art of the Matter

Brand Identity Design & Curation for Mocha ArtHouse

A Human Face for Tech

Brand Identity, User Experience and Interface Design For Equals

Distinct Flavours

Brand Identity for a Restaurant Collective

What (Really) Makes a House

Brand Identity for House This!