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The team at Codesign:

Rajesh Dahiya

Founding Director, Creative Lead, Designer » Graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with a specialisation in Graphic Design, and Masters programme at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy with specialization in Interaction Design. With over 15 years of professional experience in communication design and branding, Dahiya balances the strategic role of design in businesses and detailed craftsmanship in design execution through creative leadership at Codesign. He has been featured in press and television interviews for his views on the emerging design sector in India, including Young Turks profiling future leaders from India on CNBC. Dahiya has been invited to and presented at national and international conferences, including What Design Can Do (Netherlands), TEDx (Ahmedabad), Kyoorius Design Yatra (India), Sri Lanka Design Festival, Zeebelt Theatre (Netherlands) and London design Festival. He has represented India as part of the delegation to explore potential Indo-Dutch partnerships in 2009 and 2010, under the Open Minds programme. Dahiya was a founding member of the UnBox Festival. More recently, he co-founded Rising to use his skills as a designer, to better the world he lives in.


Mohor Ray

Director, Brand Ideation & Content Lead, Designer » Graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with a specialisation in Graphic Design. With 10 years of professional experience, Mohor brings keen insight into the practice and consumption of design in India. Her interests lie in understanding how people and culture shape and consume brands. Combined with her training in visual communication, she leads ideation on communication, and drives a holistic approach to design. Mohor shares her insights on design in India through her writing. She is the editor of Codesign’s award-winning book on design in India—Dekho, and has written for Kyoorius Magazine, Bloomsbury and What Design Can Do. Mohor was a founding member of the UnBox Festival. She was involved in curating segments at the intersections of design, content and culture in 2011, 12 & 13 editions, like the Zine Press—a collaborative zine with emerging designers & visual artists from India. Based on her work in leveraging design to create change for brands, she co-founded Rising and hopes to bring sharper focus and innovation in communication design for social impact.


Siddharth Nair

Projects Head » Graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune with a specialisation in Communication Design and attended the MA Graphic Design programme at The Academy of Art, San Francisco. Siddharth’s skills in project management, content strategy and information design drive his work at Codesign. Interested in a wide gamut of subjects, ranging from technology to cinema and history, his inputs & insights from varied sectors, broaden and inform the design approach in projects. Siddharth is also part of the core team at Rising.


Shreeya Kurien

Projects Head » Graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore with a specialisation in Accessory Design. With her interest in visual communication & content, Shreeya brings an interdisciplinary approach to brand design projects. With a decade of experience leading project teams at Codesign, Shreeya balances creative management along with client coordination. Her keen eye for detail in design, combined with understanding of deployment at scale, enable Shreeya to bring crafted & impactful design solutions to the table. Outside of work, she is a connoisseur of eclectic graphic novels, films and cheese.


Vishnu M Nair

Senior Designer » Graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Art, Delhi and a Masters in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Vishnu's strengths lie in illustration and storytelling. At Codesign, he works with design teams to create new directions for identity and evocative image-making for brands. His art practice brings a new perspective to both the study and crafting of aesthetics in design. He enjoys personal side projects that challenge him as a graphic designer, illustrator and more recently as an author.


Nikhil Ranganathan

Senior Designer » Graduated from Pearl Academy with specialisation in Communication Design. Nikhil's skills span across design disciplines, from typography (including non-Latin scripts) to publication design and motion graphics. At Codesign, he works with design teams on identity programmes, balancing an eye for typographic detail with complex systems-level planning. Nikhil’s wide spectrum of interests, from architecture to science & technology, bring interesting perspectives to thinking about culture, design & the world at large . Nikhil enjoys reading comics, playing sports, baking and trying to craft the perfect roti in his spare time.


Aayushi Katare

Designer » Graduated from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, with specialisation in Graphic Design. Aayushi is interested in the expanse of graphic design, from branding and publication design to lettering. Curiosity drives her at work and beyond, enabling her to pursue the how and why of problem statements with rigour and enthusiasm. She likes to read, write and consume good food. She cannot resist puppies.


Videet Desai

Designer » Graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, with specialisation in Graphic Design. A ‘humanoid work in progress’ as he describes himself, Videet has an affinity for analog methods of creation and is passionate about typography & lettering, both of which drive his work in identity at Codesign. Outside work, he has keen interest in films, photography, all things football and hitting the road on his marine motorbike.


Mahesh Prasad

Support staff » Mahesh takes pride in keeping the studio well fed and learning new recipes. When not cooking, or making endless cups of chai, Mahesh likes to relax by playing Ludo, singing Nepali songs and entertaining the studio with his unique brand of humor.


Krishan Lohia

Support staff » Krishan helps keep the studio on its feet. Whether it's ensuring the studio generator stays in top running condition or racing through traffic to make sure that last minute deadline is never missed, he's the man for the job.



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