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Rising is an independent platform created by Codesign, to explore the potential of visual communication to drive interventions for social impact. It aims to encourage design students and practitioners to initiate projects for change, with their skills in communication design.

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Rising aims to both create change and to understand this process more deeply by reflecting on our own and others’ experience. Currently, Rising is being developed through 2 simultaneous platforms:

Incubated Projects

Based on the principle ‘To do is to learn’ Rising’s Incubated projects are an active exploration of visual communication design for change. Each project consciously addresses a number of issues that are important in the context of design for social impact. Issues such as:

  • How to get to the heart of an issue and understand if and how communication design can help
  • Identification of who a project needs to address and how to select an appropriate medium for them, and
  • Crafting content with design and creating artifacts/products for audiences.

Incubated projects are created, mentored and realised by Codesign. The vision is lead by personal and local experiences of the team, whilst reflecting larger issues of society and the environment.

Learning from Others

Learning from Others is a growing resource of projects dedicated to understanding how other designers have used visual communication to instigate change. The resource showcases, with reflective commentary, relevant projects from across the world in which visual communication has been used as a strategic tool for content and design.