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Telling Tales of Time

Interactive Storytelling Installation for Xylys by Titan

Xylys is a premium brand of watches, launched by Titan. To distinguish the exclusive Xylys showrooms and provide a unique shopping experience, we created an interactive exhibit called the River of Time. Designed for Xylys stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the River of Time is a storytelling device for the brand and encourages in-store customer interaction. The installation focusses on the concept of time itself and not the product, to set a richer context for the premium brand.


Stills from the interactive exhibit


The installation consists of a virtual river flowing endlessly, as a metaphor of time. ‘Smart’ objects in the form of leaves and flowers float on this virtual river, and on touch, open to reveal 50 stories on time. The stories were researched and developed from historical, scientific and literary references. The narratives were designed to communicate complex notions through simple, engaging and graphic animated shorts.