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Designed to Move

Brand Identity Design System for Tata Motors

Tata Motors is India’s largest automotive brand, with a portfolio of mobility solutions spanning personal, commercial, infrastructure and defence sectors.

As part of an intensive brand rejuvenation programme, we were commissioned to visualize and create a holistic design system to express the refreshed brand energy across the length and breadth of the Tata Motors brand. The design system brings together previously fragmented brand expressions, into a consolidated and instantly recognizable Tata Motors framework, while allowing for vibrant communication in different segments and markets. The system is designed to seamlessly translate across media, with characteristic visual, motion and sonic recall, establishing one strong brand.

Stay tuned for updates, as we bring together our year’s collaborative journey with Tata Motors, strategy partner Futurebrands and design partners Addikt and Dog & Pony, into a complete case-study. For now, here’s a first look.