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Onwards, Together

Brand Identity System for PhonePe

PhonePe is one of India’s most used and trusted digital payment apps, recording over 970 million UPI transactions in February 2021. We created a holistic brand identity system to help PhonePe express its distinct voice and build stronger recall across its rapidly growing universe of touchpoints.

The new Identity System

The new identity brings to life the energy and optimism that the PhonePe brand infuses into the lives of people, by providing freedom to mobilise money to fulfill big and small aspirations. With joyous bursts of colour & movement, the identity system expresses the confidence and delight of smooth, seamless financial transactions.

The identity system is a vibrant toolkit that anchors brand presence in offline and online environments. Integrated design of visual, motion & sonic identity assets, builds seamless and powerful collective recall, across different interactions—from in-app experiences to OOH advertising and radio ads. The system encourages creative play to suit myriad communication scenarios, for the rapidly growing ecosystem of services & utilities—now and for the future.

Unpacking the brand through design

The brand identity system not only brings consistency to the PhonePe universe, but also provides meaningful character when embedded into different aspects of users’ lives—giving the robust, intelligent fintech platform a human, positive voice.Through different sensory cues, it gives form to the delight, that the product enables for its consumers.

For internal teams & deployment agencies, the system provides characteristic building blocks by way of assets & their behaviour, that amplifies content and allows them to create new instances for design with high brand recall.

Motion & Sonic Design support: Addikt.

Detailed case coming soon.