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We design identity and communication to connect ideas and people, creating impact for brands and value for organizations.

Our work, addresses challenges faced by brands, organizations and users, together—by design.

Crowded markets & cluttered media present many challenges. For brands, the challenge is to express a value that is unique and enduring in the face of constant change. For users, the dilemma lies in choice—mired by ambiguous or fragmented brand communication. For organizations, the challenge lies in managing and sustaining ownership of brands. Our work brings value to all 3 stakeholders, bridging the gaps between them, with meaningful design.

A decade+ of imagination

With a decade of work with domestic and global brands and organizations, we bring diverse learnings from our engagement across sectors, scale and user segments in India. What we know, helps us navigate the unknown and reimagine the future of brands and experiences.

No two projects are alike.

Our approach is built anew around each project—by learning from its unique Context, and delivering through meaningful engagement with Content and meticulous Craftsmanship.

Context is the world inside and outside of a brand. It is the people behind the brand and those who will consume it. For brand identity to be true to the inside and relevant to the outside, we build on understanding of both and create work that can be owned and loved by both.

Ideas take form with content. Content is everything brands say, through words and images. At the heart of our work in identity is meaningful content. We work alongside brands and content creators, to make sure that creative directions amplify the right content. Making sure what-you-say and how-you-say-it become one.

Our rigour (and love) of craftsmanship brings originality and tactility to brand ideas. We believe that strong brand ideas are long-lasting, and demand craftsmanship that endures. We design brand identity to be true to the brand, and not trends, so it can to ride the change and evolve without losing its soul.

Independent Projects

As a creative collective, we also initiate independent projects, exploring the role of design and its unfolding transformation in India. The independent body of work contributes to keener insights into our process and practice of design.

Codesign and its people have been featured extensively in Indian and international media, for their workawards and lectures.